The tour is over?!!

The tour is over!?!

it was so much fun and the last show was so sad!! you didn’t realize how much time you spent with the same people until the last day when it was all coming to an end! However in respect to our “Party Rock”… the end of our last show we ended up having a Champaign Shower!!

I miss the tour family for sure! Being home, all I hear is tour music and it makes me think of the dances and the show. I wore my party rock glasses driving around the other day just for fun. An attachment problem to the kelloggs tour? (haha) Either way, I miss it and love the friendships I made while traveling across the United States!

Being on tour was definitely a life experience that I will always remember and cherish. It was so much fun and looking back on it, it went by so fast! The next day I came home it was already Thanksgiving. I stayed in New York for a few extra days and a few of my friends flew out to New York. We had a blast being total tourists and saw so much. One of my friends does the stunts for the broadway show Spiderman, so we also went to watch that. It made me want to be a part of broadway too! I absolutely loved New York and definitely want to go back soon!

For Thanksgiving, besides a turkey and ham, I made green bean casserole, sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top, baked mac and cheese, and mashed potatoes! It was fun cooking and baking but it was a lot of work! I haven’t been in a kitchen for a long time since I had been on tour and was fed by catering! It was nice to be with my family and shop on Black Friday!

As for now it’s the holiday season and I hope everyone enjoys this time with their family and friends!!

28 down, 12 to go!

First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE SISTER ANDI! She’s already 11 years old and I cant wait to be home after our last show for this weekend for a couple days!

Can’t believe we’ve done 28 shows! This has been quite the experience! I’m currently on the bus in my bed going from Georgia to Florida! I love visiting all the different cities. It’s so fun to just be able to go out and put on a show for the fans! They usually see us serious at competition, and now we get to have fun and get the crowd involved! Such a fun experience!

It’s not easy being on a tour with the same people but I think people have started to figure out how it all works. I’ve gotten close to some people and I love making new friends. Ill definitely miss them when tour is over. There’s also people who I feel they must be so insecure about themselves that they feel the need to talk down to people or about people. Intentionally hurting others or “bullying” is something that I wish I could help stop. Why can’t people just be happy for everyone? I wish people would walk a mile in their shoes before judging. I never want to be the type of person who judges someone without getting to know them for myself. If i could make one change, it’d be for everyone to just be happy with what they have, be grateful, and kind to others. But enough about life lessons….

The fun thing right now for me has been working with Paul Ruggeri on uneven bars! Yep HE’S on the UNEVEN BARS! I posted videos on my youtube but it’s pretty awesome! This is when he learned a Shaposh Half!  And for the routine we’re working on with all the requirements….. Click here!

Well just for fun before I try to get some sleep on this bus, heres a video of the first time we learned how to Party Rock Shuffle!



Kellloggs Tour of Gymnastics Champions!!

WOW! it’s been a long time since I’ve updated and since it’s 3 am here, and I can’t sleep, what better is there to do than to catch up with my fans!

So let me back track and do a quick update of the last month!! On Aug 28th, I flew out to Ontario, California to start rehearsals for the Kelloggs tour! It was actually quite a shock for all of us (top elite olympic gymnasts) to work with the professional choreographer Jermaine Brown! There are also two amazing dancers Kelly and Nekai. The first day we got in, it was time to start shuffling! I have some video footage of the “behind the scenes” so maybe I’ll try to add that in :-)

I was surprised at how quickly i picked up on the fast PARTY ROCK shuffling dance! by the end of the quick lesson, it was John Orozco and I doing the entire dance with the two dancers and the choreographer! It was so much fun, but a very exhausting cardio workout!

The next two weeks we were putting together the entire show! We were up by 8 am and didn’t leave the arena until about 10:30 pm! It was exhausting!! However, we did put a lot of work into all of the numbers in the show so by the first show in San Jose, we were ready to rock it!

Since the shows started, I’m now on a schedule where Thursdays through Sundays are all show days, which means we perform at night, and get on the tour buses right after the show! I’ll try to get a little sleep on the bus and then we wake up in a different State! It gets confusing when you dont know what day it is, what time zone it is, and what city you’re in! But so far it’s been quite a fun experience. I think we used up all of the warm weather areas, and the fun times in Vegas have come to an end!

So far we’ve done 10 shows! I’ve been in California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and now Utah!

So what are the buses like? At the very end of the bus, there are couches and a TV. there’s a sliding door that can open and close if you want to separate the rooms. Moving towards the middle of the bus are 12 beds! There are 2 triple bunks on both sides. In each bunk is a little TV so you can lay in your little bed and watch tv if you want to. Oh and most importantly, there are 2 outlet plugs for our lovely cellular devices and a pocket on the wall :-) (then another door that could be closed or left open) Now towards the front of bus is a refrigerator and a little kitchen area. There is a bathroom, where you can only go #1 on (haha, this is true….so if you must do #2 or etc…..All buses have to stop!) :::so whenever the buses are stopping off the highway at a gas station or the side of the road, I always yell “Who’s pooping!!!?”:::: *yes, that’s my mature side* OKAY, anyway……along with the kitchen and bathroom, there is a table with more couches and another TV! Then another door and the very front is our awesome driver EDDIE! :-) (who has toured with Britney Spears before!)

Sooooo It’s like a rockstar life style for 3 months but It’s not fun rolling out of a bus at 3 am when you’re half asleep and have to check into a hotel room to continue your sleep! The best part of it is when the Hotel workers are excited to see us and hand us cookies when we walk in, and all I want to do it GO Back TO BED :-)

So what will you see in this awesome Kelloggs Tour of Gymnastics Champions? Gymnastics!!!! and more, of course! There’s Rythmic, Trampoline, Acro, Mens team, and Womens team who have all come together and worked with the dancers!! It’s finally a time where we can let loose and have some fun with our fans! It’s a lot of dance moves that you’ve probably never seen us do before because at competitions we’re so serious and focused on our routines. It’s really a lot of fun, so if you haven’t gotten your ticket yet to see it, go get it so you Don’t miss out!

If you guys have any questions about the tour or anything for me, ask away! For now, I’m going to try to catch some sleep! I was out doing promo in Utah all day at TV stations and club gyms, but I Hope to see you at one of the shows along the way!

Click to see me on Good Things Utah! 





back home!

Life back home from being gone for a month is different!

I was accidently speaking American english mixed with ENGLISH with an accent! I loved taking the tube everywhere and miss that! I wish i could take the tube here!

I was excited to go back to my gym and see all of the girls! when i parked my car and walked into the gym, the girls had lined up right by the door to greet me with a loud “Welcome Home!” and lots of hugs! I really missed these girls so much! Training in the gym with them and being there for eachother through the thick and thin, means so much.

The other thing is life in the neck brace! This is something I’m not a fan of. I feel great…as if I dont need the brace anymore, but results speak differently. I saw a doctor already, but I’m going to try to see some more to hope for different results. So everyone, please keep your fingers crossed, and pray :-)

As of right now, I’ve been spending time in the gym helping out the girls. It makes me feel better to give back to the girls that are working out. I wish when i was younger, i had someone there to talk to me and help me through all of the hard training days. So that’s what I’m doing now! I’ll be doing a few motivational speeches at places, which i love doing, so I’m excited for that.

As much as life is unfair, or seems like it, I have to remind myself that I’m so lucky to be walking today. Staying positive and looking on the bright side is something I’ve learned from my time at UCLA and I couldnt thank Miss Val and Chris Waller enough for teaching me the most important thing in life….Life life to the fullest with no regrets. So thank you. And thank you to my Mom and Dad, family and friends, who have been there for me through the hard times in my life. I probably have the strongest Mom ever, who witnessed my entire fall, and stayed with me through the whole night at the hospital. Right now is another rough patch, but I know it’ll be okay…

Thank you so much for everyone supports me in any and every way!

~Anna ♥

The Olympic Story, So Far . . .

Hi everyone! I’ve been soooo busy with our training schedule that I didn’t have time to write a little! So I’ll play a quick catch up!!

July 19, I flew straight from Texas to birmingham where I have been training with the other 2 replacement athletes. We trained in Texas for a week prior to leaving as a whole team.

On the plane ride, We all watched a few movies and got about an hour of sleep on the flight! When we landed, it was about 7 am in the UK, so 1 am in the US! We were very tired but excited to be here. We took a bus/shuttle to the hotel we stayed at and the US track and field team stayed there as well. There were probably at least 50 security people on duty in our hotel! They would check our credentials, then we would take 3 steps, and someone else would be checking it again! There were security guards on ever floor level as well. I guess it was a pretty safe site! We got to see so many track athletes and we shared a huge bus to our training sites.

I took a nap in the room and we headed to the first workout! It was a nice gym, but we were all not very fond of this equipment we’ve never trained on before! Of course we had to quickly adjust and get back to our daily routines and we all did just that. Our gym was right next to where the track and field athletes trained so we got in our workout and caught a bus back with the track athletes.

The rest of the days were the exact same! Woke up at 7:20, breakfast at 8 am and then morning workout. It was routines and some more routines. Then we took the bus back to the hotel at noon. We ate lunch at the hotel with the other athletes and went straight to the ice tubs. Then I would take my nap until my alarm went off at 2:50 to get ready for the second workout!
The bus left at 3:30 and it was back to routines! At this point my routines felt so easy. It was just go, go, go and hit, hit, hit and we were into the next event!

For dinner we walked to a nearby restaurant, which was nice to get some fresh air for a bit! Right after we finished we would head straight to the hotel for ice buckets and some therapy. We were lucky to have the track and field trainers and massage therapists there. That was nice of them to help us! For the most part we all taped ourselves and had our daily routine down!

The replacement athletes jobs are done by the 27th. We don’t train anymore after that because that’s the deadline to be used! So we all get to travel to London on the 28th to watch and support the team we are part of! It’s so exciting and such a great feeling to be here!

Can’t believe the Olympics is starting! we’ve all worked so hard and have been looking forward to this moment and it’s finally here!!

(Unfortunately I did get injured in one of the second workouts but I’m still glad to be a part of this amazing Olympic team. This year the US has so much depth and the team is so strong! I’m so blessed to train with these incredible girls and to represent USA! Thank you so much for all of the get well wishes I’ve received! Although it isn’t fun being injured, and have to wear a hard neck brace, I was very lucky because my injury could have been much worse. I’m excited to go to London and continue to enjoy this experience, and of course, cheer on team USA!)

Can’t wait to heal up ASAP and see everyone on tour!

Thank You SO MUCH!!

I haven’t had much time to blog and realized I have yet to write anything since the announcement of the team! I’m just overwhelmed by all of the support I’ve received. I still can’t be*LI*eve it!! All of those years, days, hours, of hard work all lead to THIS!! I’m going to LONDON!!!! How awesome is that?

Since I’ve been home, there have been a LOT of media, phone interviews, TV news crews, friends wanting to celebrate, and soon to be, I’ll have 2 send off parties! I’m just so blessed to have this experience and I’ve enjoyed every moment of this journey. The City of Aurora is having a send off party for me on Monday and my gym, Legacy Elite Gymnastics, is going to have one for me on Tuesday. I leave Wednesday for Texas again, and will be living out of a suitcase for a month! There’s still LOTS of training and I’m just enjoying all of these amazing opportunities outside of the gym.

I’m overwhelmed by all of the support from everyone! I was surprised at the airport when I landed back home at the Chicago airport from the Olympic Trials, to see my ENTIRE team and NBC news there! So many flowers, signs, pictures, and hugs! It’s so exciting to read the congratulation notes I received from some of the girls I train with. They’ve seen me day in and day out, through thick and thin, Every Single Day, and to read how inspired they are by me, is honestly the best feeling ever. Giving BACK to the younger kids, teens, and hopefully even others, is the one thing I truly love. I wish I could write a letter now, go back in time, and give to myself when I was 12 years old. These girls that I train with push me everyday, so I feel like we all help each other. I told everyone at our gym banquet that when they say I’m inspiring to them, I respond with, YOU inspire me- and it’s 100% true!

I’ll do my best to blog a little bit here and there through all of the training. Most times I’ll be sleeping and resting inbetween all the workouts, but I know I’ll find some time to update! Also, on the front home page, my good friend Jess helped set up a fundraiser to send my second coach, who happens to be my Dad, to London with me!! I’m so beyond grateful for everyone who supports me and just want to say thank you again!

Thank YOU SO SO SO MUCH again to all of my family, friends, and fans!


this picture just captures the ENTIRE moment!

Olympic Trials

Day 2 here in San Jose

And my friends say I’m on the front page of the Chicago Tribune today!!

Click here to read Today’s front page article in the Chicago Tribune!

I’m so excited that I’ve come this far! I feel like I’ve constantly been surprising myself with this journey! Training in the Red, White, and Blue arena is such an awesome experience and I’m enjoying every moment. Thanks to all of family, friends, Legacy Elite Gymnastics, and fans for all of the support! I never thought that training again after 2010 NCAAs would lead to all of these amazing opportunities!